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Klazura and Rose Abroad: “Someone Took Their Money And Ran”

Feb 25, 2014, 4:43 PM EST

A pair of Notre Dame men’s soccer alums, Greg Klazura (’11) and Mike Rose (’12), are on a six-month internship with Grassroots Soccer in Zimbabwe and are sharing their story with us as it goes. This week, Mike is on the keyboard talking about getting robbed, losing a soccer game and the importance of circumcision in HIV prevention…


Ever seen the movie ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’? Yea, it was nothing like that.

Over a month in and Greg can’t even find the country of Africa on a map of the Americas. Pathetic. Greg also thought he was hilarious while writing his post last week. He was literally giggling to himself the entire time while writing. To answer everyone’s question though… no. I would get into what Greg did for Valentine’s Day, but I’m not sure how appropriate it would be. It involved three fully charged cell phones, a nine-iron, some ice cubes (yes, I managed to put a Billy Madison reference in a blog about Africa), an open field, and as most of you have probably already guessed, a scrabble board. Pretty wild.

This week was definitely another interesting one, which I had written a lovely piece on. Unfortunately, that piece is in my laptop, which was procured this Saturday from our premises at Number 7 by an individual who I’m sure is an otherwise upstanding citizen.

Yeah, our house got robbed.

During our game on Saturday, somebody managed to find our hidden keys, break in and steal a pretty wide range of electronics, clothes and soccer equipment from Mykel, Raphael and I. Also, we lost the game. Greg was smart to have his door locked because he has the only room that we are able to lock (which wasn’t planned, even though Greg is quite the sneaky guy). He was able to get out of the situation with no items stolen, which of course makes him the top suspect. On a serious note, what we have figured out thus far about the burglary is actually pretty wild and would make for a great story to post, but I’m going to omit it from the public sphere for privacy concerns. I will say, however, that we know somebody well that is indirectly involved due to what I will describe, extremely politely, as a “total lapse in judgement”, which I am thoroughly annoyed about. Just to show you how wild this story is – it involves, beer, an electric bill and a Mohawk. Can’t make this stuff up. So far, we have filed a police report including all the missing items and other details about the event. Zimbabwe’s finest even came to the house and dusted for prints, which I’m sure they will run through their thoroughly kept fingerprint computer system. All the dusting for prints really did was put red dust all over all of the stuff that the robber had ended up throwing all over the floor while looking through my suitcase. I would actually like to point out to some of you out there that not making my bed saved my iPhone from being stolen. As I had left it in my tangled up sheets from the night before. Just sayin…

Aside from burglarygate 2014, the last two weeks have been pretty sweet. In local soccer news, Bantu Rovers FC has “merged” with a team called Plumtree Chiefs and to make


The Junior players cramming into Methembe’s truck. Since the police don’t have cars, I (Rose) don’t think they will be pulling us over.

a really long story short, Bantu has traded slots with the Chiefs and are now a Zimbabwean Premier Soccer League team. Good thing they hadn’t even drawn up the season schedule yet, which begins in a month (we think). Really exciting stuff.  With that in mind, I’ve been to a few Highlanders FC (the big team in Bulawayo and one of the Zimbabwean “big three”) matches at Barbourfields (BF) to scout some future opponents. For a little background on Highlanders FC, Methembe used to play for them, and this is also the team that Boss coached for back in the 1600’s. Yes, Boss was coaching here over two hundred years before the area was colonized by the British. Pretty cool, huh? Actually, I think my next blog post (two weeks from now) will have to be on the Zimbabwe-GRS-ND-Dartmouth link, which involves more people than you might think. I’ll have to do my research first, because the 1600’s was a long time ago.

I think the blog would be incomplete if I didn’t give a shout-out to a new Makiwa Abroad, Rebecca (Ribs), who is here from South Africa for a few weeks. She is a former GRS intern-turned-employee that went to Tufts and who helped develop the curriculum for Skillz Street – a new girls-only education program. While she enjoys working with the Skillz Street program, her real passion lies in medical male circumcision (MC), which is why she is here in Bulawayo. She has a lot of nicknames in this part of the world, but my favorites are:  “The quickest cut in the West”, “grim-skin reaper” and simply, “snips”.  All of her references have described her as “a cut above the rest”. Her favorite songs include, “The First Cut is the Deepest” and “Snip the Foreskin and Run”, which is a remix of “Take the Money and Run” by the Steve Miller Band. Her favorite game is “rock, paper, scissors” in which she always throws scissors. When I was thinking about getting my haircut this week, she told me that she thinks my hair looks fine, and that if anything I should just have the Barber “take a little bit off the top”. We like to joke about the topic even though it’s a pretty…. sore…. subject for a lot of people.


Me (Rose) and Rebecca at the Highlanders game. She keeps her scissors hidden in that bag. You’ll get that joke only if you read the blog entry below.

On a serious note, she is helping with the MCUTS study that we are conducting in the surrounding area. It’s actually very important research, but I’m a firm believer (that one wasn’t a joke, I promise) in taking full advantage of any chance to make circumcision jokes on the internet. Since it’s a health item, it’s more up Greg’s alley, but MC has been shown to decrease male HIV reception by up to 60%. It’s pretty interesting stuff from a medical standpoint. Regardless of her obsession with MC, she’s been fun to have around. We even brought her along to a Highlanders game on Sunday, and managed to keep her from going down to the locker rooms to get some more data points on MC rates…

I hope that we didn’t lose any readers because of the paragraph above. But if we did…. Totally worth it. At least I kept Greg from posting numerous pictures of MC procedures. Our next posts will be far more mature. Maybe.

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