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Everything to Gain for the Irish

Nov 21, 2012, 5:37 PM EDT

Right now, the majority of college soccer players are done with their season. This means no more daily practices, endless traveling, or weekend games. In fact, they are probably headed home to visit their families for Thanksgiving.

The Irish, on the other hand, are one of the select few teams still lucky enough to be competing this holiday weekend. As everyone else heads home, they are out on the soccer field putting in extra hours of hard work all in hopes of winning a national championship.

In order to do this, the team must first defeat Florida State in its Elite Eight game this weekend. FSU, seeded #1, fully expects to beat the unranked Irish. This may seem like a bad thing, but it actually works out in our favor. While everyone is counting on a win from FSU, nobody expects anything from the Irish. In fact, they have already greatly surpassed what anyone expected of them this postseason by knocking off two seeded teams and making it to the Elite Eight. This puts all the pressure on the Seminoles to live up to the hype of their ranking.

The Irish, on the other hand, have nothing to lose and everything to gain in the next round of the tournament.

“We’re all pretty excited to show FSU what we’ve got, and I think we’re going to surprise them,” said senior captain Jazmin Hall. “We’re finally returning to the powerhouse Notre Dame team that everyone knows us as. We’re just gonna have fun with it; all the pressure in on them.”

Game on FSU. The Irish take on the Seminoles on Friday at 7:00 pm ET in Tallahassee, Fla.

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